How long does it take for you to vet / quality check my work after signing up?

We aim to have reviewed your application within 5 working days.

Do you take a fee for any of my music that is successfully placed?

No, Any fees or revenue is all yours!

How do I get paid?

If a placement fee is relevant for your brief, all details such as the fee amount and payment dates are to be arranged and negotiated between yourself and the client for whom you have written music. We do not act on your behalf.

Any royalties accrued from the placement of your work will be paid through your Performing Rights Organisation (PRO). If you haven’t signed up to a PRO yet then we suggest you do that when you start submitting music for briefs.

Not sure what a PRO is? Here’s some more information.

Do you offer feedback on my submissions?

Once you submit your music for a brief using Music Pitcher, we then begin the process of vetting your work before sending it on to the client. We do this to ensure only the best quality and most ‘on-brief’ submissions are sent. If we feel your submission does not meet the guidelines of the brief we can offer you some short feedback at your request.

Do I have to be signed to a label to submit my music for your briefs?

Not at all, you are free to submit your work with or without label backing. If you’re signed to a label, make sure you are abiding by the terms in your record contract before submitting music for one of our briefs.

I don’t have an alias or any online presence, but I still make music, is that okay?

That’s fine! However, you still need to register with a Performing Rights Organisation to ensure you are paid royalties for your work.

Can I use this service if I have a publishing agreement already?

Yes you can, providing you are abiding by the terms set out in your publishing contract.